About us

Our Story

The beginning: The House of Origins is the saga of the quest embarked on by three childhood friends, one of whom had his moment of epiphany when his taste buds, habitual to processed food, first indulged in the authentic Kashmiri nuts offered to him by a member of Lethapora farming community. 

What followed next was the odyssey of scouting the native origin of each of the natural superfoods and bringing it to the plates of each and every individual of the country, so that they can delve into the experience we had on our first encounter with pure organic food. 

The present: We explored every nook and corner of India sourcing Dry fruits & Saffron from Kashmir, Tea leaves from the valleys of Assam, Cashews from Goa and Shilajit from the foothills of the Himalayas, which were then carefully packaged to keep their native nuances and nutrition intact.


Our Philosophy

The House of Origins is the nostalgia of plucking the fresh plump mango from your backyard and savouring its natural sweetness amongst the giggles of friends. It is the reminiscence of crying on being stung by a bee when trying to sip in the pure goodness of their heavenly nectar. It is the journey of a seedling that embodies the essence and flavour of its indigenous home, unfurling to rejuvenate the tired souls crippled by the modern humdrum. It is a renaissance of transcending human gluttony to revive the lost science of Ayurveda and the art of yielding food in harmony with nature. It is the transition to being eco-conscious and charting a trail to sustainably produce organic food devoid of adulteration. 

Above all, The House of Origins is your bountiful garden, where you come by in the leisurely morning hours to tenderly hand-pick the freshest produce for brunch or evening snack and relish it with your family with a promise for good health for both you and the environment.