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Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

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Unearth the taste of Khordha district, Odisha’s Pumpkin Seeds! Loaded with all the good stuff your body craves - protein, healthy fats, zinc, iron, copper, and magnesium, their subtle nutty taste will keep you coming back for more. These seeds are a small investment with big returns for your well-being.

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◎ HEALTHY HEART: The pumpkin seeds by The House Of Origins contain no cholesterol or trans fat, making them a heart-friendly choice that promotes your cardiovascular well-being.

◎ DIET SNACK: Savor these kaddu magaj as a standalone snack or infuse them into your meals for a delightful crunch. The mild, nutty taste of kaddu ke beej elevates the flavours of your dishes effortlessly.

◎ NATURALLY NOURISHING: Enjoy the nutritional goodness of kaddoo seeds, which are known for their potential to support heart health, immunity, and even better sleep.

◎ GOOD FOR PREGNANT WOMEN: Packed with proteins, zinc, and magnesium, kaddu seeds are great for moms-to-be. These essential nutrients contribute to the overall growth of your fetus, with zinc playing a vital role in DNA production for rapid cell growth.

◎ RESTFUL SLEEP: Tryptophan in organic pumpkin seed aids in alleviating insomnia symptoms, helping you achieve more restful and rejuvenating sleep cycles.

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Commonly asked


How to consume ?

Grab it on the go or add it to your oatmeal, granola bars, baked treats and smoothies to intercept the boring flavour profile with a wholesome textured crunch.

What is their nutritional profile ?

Pumpkin seeds by The House of Origins is a crunchy explosion of antioxidants, Vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to promote holistic well-being.

Is your pumpkin seed completely organic ?

Yes. Our pumpkin seeds are unprocessed and contain no artificial flavours or preservatives.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shradha H.
very crispy and fresh

the seeds i have generally ordered online aren't very crispy. Byt these pumpkin seeds were very crispy


I am not happy with your containers! In the picture it was glass jars n you sent me plastic containers! Next time I won’t buy from you anything,I am very disappointed!

Santhosh L
THoO pumpkin seeds

Awesome, crunchy & good. No after taste. Thanks

Rishabh Srivastava
Authentic seeds

Authentic raw seeds, they look fresh and clean. Been consuming everyday for last 2 weeks

Too good!

I think it's one of the rawest seeds with no random stones or impurities.